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KMC Wheels

Don’t let your surroundings keep you from the adventure of a lifetime.

When it comes to performance, KMC wheels take it to the next level. From the rockiest terrains to mud, sand, and snow, these wheels can handle the most extreme weather conditions and environments.  

Shop our KMC UTV wheels today to see and feel the difference.

Top Selling KMC UTV Wheels

A little inspiration can help you find the perfect wheels for your UTV. Some of our bestsellers like the KMC KS235 Grenade Beadlock Satin Black and KMC KS240 Recon Beadlock Gun Metal are popular among UTV enthusiasts for their durability and sleek style.  

KMC UTV Beadlock Wheels

KMC Beadlock wheels combine the brand’s quality build with the reliability that comes with locking rings. These wheels are best used with lower tire pressures, preventing damage to your UTV if you’re experiencing a flat, and helping you gain more traction on rockier terrains.  Some of our KMC UTV beadlock wheels include:


Non-Beadlock KMC Wheels

If you’re looking for a more traditional construction, non-beadlock KMC wheels can give you that simple wheel look without compromising on reliability. This design still ensures a secure connection between the tire and wheel for a stable off-road experience.  If you’re looking for reliable, non-beadlock KMC UTV wheels, make sure to check out these:


KMC Wheels Materials

The versatility that KMC UTV wheels offer in terms of design is what makes them popular among the UTV community. Choose from a variety of wheel materials.  

Aluminum UTV Wheels

Aluminum alloy wheels are lighter than steel KMC wheels, which are excellent for acceleration, braking, and handling. Another benefit to aluminum wheels is their natural corrosion resistance, making them the perfect choice for tackling the great outdoors and the elements.  Aluminum alloy can be easily customized in terms of color and finish.  

Steel KMC Wheels

Steel KMC wheels make it easy to avoid damage to your UTV when going on rougher rides across rugged terrain. When you need that extra piece of mind while out on the trails, these wheels are a safe bet.  Most steel KMC UTV wheels come forged and machined. Forged wheels, while more expensive, are manufactured from a large piece of metal, then heated to extreme temperatures and pressurized to form the wheel.  The thermal process uses grain refinement to create one of the strongest wheel options on the market.  

KMC UTV Wheel Finishes 

Along with the metal options, Fueled UTV offers KMC wheels in a variety of finishes that can make your UTV pop while you hit the trails:

  • Satin Black
  • Gun Metal
  • Satin Bronze
  • Silver
  • Satin Gray
  • Matte Bronze
  • Raw Forged/Machined

  No matter your aesthetic preference, Fueled UTV has wheels for any ride. The quality finishes are one of the main reasons we’re proud to offer KMC UTV wheels to our customers. For a wheel in their price point, KMC wheels are above average quality and a wheel you’ll appreciate as much as any other part on your UTV.  

Why Choose KMC’s UTV Wheels?

When you shop our selection of KMC UTV wheels, you get:

  • Unmatched Design Diversity: You know when you see a KMC wheel. Their remarkable range of designs and finishes helps them stand out from other manufacturers. From a sleek, modern design to rugged looks, KMC wheels take classic designs and transform them.
  • Industry-leading Manufacturing Techniques: KMC never cuts corners when it comes to creating the perfect tire. All KMC wheels are crafted with precision using state-of-the-art technology and materials that bring out your UTV’s best
  • Enhanced Performance: KMC wheels are designed to look good, and perform even better. These wheels are some of the most lightweight and aerodynamic on the market, making your vehicle more agile as a result
  • A Reliable Reputation: There’s power in brand recognition. KMC has a dedicated following among UTV enthusiasts because of its reliability across automotive markets, from racing to off-road adventures, KMC wheels win in more categories than just looks and popularity.

  And on top of that, you’re getting the benefit of buying these coveted wheels from Fueled UTV where you get high-quality wheels for the lowest price, guaranteed.  

Shop Fueled UTV’s Collection Of KMC UTV Wheels

If you want to see what your UTV is capable of, you can’t go wrong with a set of KMC wheels from Fueled UTV. We offer one of the most extensive UTV wheel inventories on the market, along with free shipping on most orders over $250 and a 45-day refund and return policy on unopened items if your order isn’t up to par. Let our UTV experts set you up with wheels that can get you through the most demanding terrains. Give us a call at 509-406-7192 or get in touch online.