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A UTV's drivetrain contains the essential parts that allow your vehicle's wheels to move. If you plan to upgrade your engine or tires, it's vital to have a drivetrain ​that is strong enough to achieve optimal performance. All of a drivetrain's components play critical roles in your UTV's movement, from the belt and clutch to the axles and transmission.

At Fueled UTV, we're committed to delivering you the highest-quality drivetrain parts at competitive prices. We feature components from some of the most reliable brands in the industry, including Aftermarket Assassins, Sandcraft, Ibexx, SuperATV and many more. Our expert team is available to help you find the products you need or answer any technical questions.

Side by Side Drivetrain Parts

While your UTV's motor generates the power, your drivetrain is responsible for optimizing it in different loads and speeds. Your drivetrain's primary function is conveying power from the engine through the transmission to the wheels to ​ propel the machine over the terrain of your choosing. Some UTV models use a single driveshaft, while others have two or more driveshafts equipped with locking differentials. Several of the primary parts of a UTV drivetrain include:
  • Drive belts: It's essential to match the durability of your UTV's belt to the performance level of your machine. Higher amounts of torque and horsepower require much more durable belts.
  • Clutch kit: We offer clutch kits for low-end torque, high-end performance and everything in between. High-performing clutching allows you to achieve faster and smoother shifts and better overall performance .
  • Transmission and components: Most UTVs contain a continuously variable transmission containing clutches and a belt that are connected to the vehicle's axle and engine. The CVT controls the engine's power and efficiency by changing the gear ratio based on RPM, speed and load.
  • Shifter: Shifters enable you to change your transmission's gears quicker and smoother.
  • Driveshaft: The driveshaft is the steel tube linked to the UTV's transmission at one end and the differential(s) at the other. It transfers the transmission's mechanical power to the other components of the vehicle.
  • Differential gear: The differential is where the power makes its last stop before moving the wheels.
  • Axles and accessories: If you plan on modifying the power and performance of your drivetrain, heavy-duty axles are likely a necessity.

Trust Fueled UTV for Your Drivetrain Parts Needs

When you buy UTV parts from us, we make the entire process easy. Our goal is to go above and beyond a typical parts supplier by providing you with the insight and advice you need to achieve your performance goals. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality parts at the most cost-effective prices. Some of the other benefits of partnering with us include:
  • Access to one of the broadest selections of UTV parts on the market.
  • Free shipping for most orders when you spend more than $99.00.
  • Earning fueled cash to put toward future purchases.

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Regardless of the types of UTV drivetrain parts and components you need, you can find them here at Fueled UTV. Browse our online inventory today and place your order for quick shipment. If you have any questions or require technical assistance, please call us at 509-406-7192 or reach out to our team online.