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System 3 Off-Road

System 3 Off-Road UTV Wheels & Tires

Like the professionals at Fueled UTV, the System 3 designers and engineers are passionate UTV hobby enthusiasts who understand the products they manufacture.

The team behind System 3 includes industry professionals with years of experience in the wheel and tire business. Fueled UTV is happy to partner with System 3 to offer some of the highest-performing side-by-side wheels and tires available.

System 3 Offroad Tires

System 3 tire engineers and designers know what it takes to create the perfect offroading tire.  The tires we offer at Fueled UTV were designed to provide traction, strength, and style, features every UTV enthusiast can get behind when it comes to what they put on their vehicles. Popular System 3 side-by-side tires that we offer include:

  • Trail Tires: Extreme trail riding requires traction, strength, and durability. System 3 tires, like the XTR370 offroad tire, will conquer the most challenging terrain with powerful performance. The unique 8-ply rated carcass and dual-stage lugs excel in loose terrain.
  • Mud Tires: System 3 mud UTV tires have endured testing in the most brutal mud pits. Mud tires like the XM310 Extreme tire feature 2-inch lugs that push through the deepest mud holes.
  • Racing Tires: Many of System 3’s racing tires such as the XC450, provide you with the performance and strength you need to ride on the track, street, or trail. These tires perform well at any speed on nearly any terrain. They give a smooth and quiet ride on hardpack while pulling hard on loose surfaces.
  • Sand and Snow Tires: UTV sand and snow tires like System 3’s SS360 tires feature a tread pattern with outstanding traction in any direction while keeping you on top of the sand or snow. This tire has quickly taken the industry by storm and is a fan favorite in the dunes!

  Look no further than Fueled UTV for a comprehensive selection of System 3 offroad tires at competitive prices. We stock various System 3 tire styles and have them available for quick shipment.  Here are some of our best-selling System 3 offroad tires: 

  • System 3 Offroad XTR370 Tire: Features a super-deep rim guard for unparalleled wheel protection and eliminates flats caused by pinching.
  • System 3 Off-Road SS360 Sand/Snow Tire: The crossing tread provides razor-sharp turning and handling for powerful all-terrain capabilities.
  • System 3 XCR350 Radial UTV Tire: Sports a medium compound that provides excellent flex and grips onto any terrain. 
  • System 3 RT320 Radial Tire: A non-directional, race-inspired tire perfect for high speeds on mixed terrains. 
  • System 3 Offroad DX440 Tire: Lightweight and less rolling resistance means a faster tire. The decreased weight also reduces drive line stress.


Are System 3 Tires True To Size?

Knowing what your tire aspect ratio is will help you determine how it will handle certain terrains. For example, lower aspect tire ratio tires generally offer handling performance advantages over higher ratios. System 3 tires run more true to size than most in the industry, offering maximized ride height and superior ground contact.

System 3 Wheels

System 3 wheels have revolutionized the ATV and UTV market with the flair they bring to any offroading vehicle. At Fueled UTV, we offer both beadlock and non-beadlock System 3 wheels. 

System 3 Beadlock Wheels

System 3 UTV beadlock wheels use grooves for extra grip between the tire bead and the wheel to decrease tire slippage. Beadlock wheels are beneficial and necessary when airing down in terrains and conditions such as snow, sand, and rock crawling. In addition, beadlock wheels significantly enhance your UTV’s style and appearance.  Popular System 3 beadlock wheels at Fueled UTV include:

  • SB-3 Beadlock Wheel: 10mm thick beadlock ring secured by 5/16-inch grade-8 hardware for superior strength.
  • SB-5 Beadlock Wheel: This wheel's rugged billet beadlock rings are grooved to increase style and reduce weight.

  We also sell beadlock rings separately in various colors to add a touch of style to your UTV.

Non-Beadlock System 3 Wheels

System 3 non-beadlock wheels use heavy-duty inner and outer wheel lips that stabilize your ride. We have the System 3 wheel solutions perfect for your application, regardless of the design you’re considering. Popular options for non-beadlock System 3 wheels at Fueled UTV include:

  • ST-3 Wheel: The ST-3 Wheel features a simulated beadlock for the beadlock style but traditional wheel function. 
  • ST-5 Wheel: Stylish 11-spoke rally design and 1200-pound load rating.  
  • ST-4 Wheel: Heavy-duty inner and outer wheel lips for 100-pound load ratings.


What Materials Are System 3 Wheels Made From?

System 3 wheels are made from high-quality cast aluminum that can withstand some of the most versatile conditions so you can take your adventures anywhere from the smooth sands to rocky, mountainous terrain. No matter what option you go with, you can trust Fueled UTV's selection of quality and good-looking wheels to take your off-road adventures to the next level. 

Ordering With Fueled UTV for System 3 Wheels and Tires

When you choose Fueled UTV for System 3 wheels and tires, we simplify your ordering process by offering all the UTV parts and accessories you need in one place. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can help you decide which component will increase your ride’s performance. Additional advantages of buying System 3 tires and wheels from us include:

  • Collecting fueled cash on most System 3 orders.
  • Free shipping on most orders exceeding $250.
  • Access to over 30 System 3 products in stock.
  • A Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Shop System 3 Products at Fueled UTV Today

Make your UTV stand out from the others and traverse any offroad terrain with a winning combination of System 3 wheels and tires from Fueled UTV. Explore our in-stock selection of System 3 offroad tires and wheels today and place your order for quick shipment. Feel free to contact us online or call 509-406-7192 to request more information.