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Suspension on a UTV can significantly affect your vehicle's performance. Suspension components ensure a balanced ride, from shocks and springs to ball joints and A-arms. Whether you're looking to optimize performance on rocky trails, enhance drivability in the mud, and coast through whoop sections in the desert, the right suspension parts are critical.

At Fueled UTV, we feature a comprehensive inventory of suspension parts to cover all your riding needs. We offer cost-effective to high end components from some of the market's most reliable brands, including MTS Off-Road, SuperATV, ZRP, HCR Racing, and Zbroz.

UTV Suspension Parts and Upgrades

UTV suspension keeps your vehicle stable on rugged terrain. Shocks and springs help resist unstable bouncing and rapid compression. You can adjust your shocks with compression, preload and rebound to make your ride softer or firmer. You can also raise your UTV's height to increase clearance. When you decide to install high-end suspension parts on your UTV, you know you'll have the smoothest ride possible. Some examples of the components we carry include:
  • A-Arms: A UTV's A-Arms keep the shocks in place and help your wheels fluctuate when riding over bumps. These components are vital for keeping your machine stable on the trail.
  • Ball joints: The ball joints are part of a steering mechanism that connects the wheels to the suspension. They provide pivoting movement between the control arms and steering knuckles to deliver a safe, smooth ride.
  • Bushings: These small tubes fit inside your pivot blocks. Bushings ensure your A-arm can move freely on the bolt connecting the A-arm to the UTV frame.
  • Lift kits: A UTV lift kit is a system of braces and bolts designed to adjust your ATV and gain additional ground clearance.
  • Limit straps: Use limit straps to prevent shock damage when jumping at high speeds on rough terrain. They also protect your vehicle's CV joints.
  • Radius rods: Radius rods connect to your UTV's chassis to keep wheel suspension in position and aid in optimal steering geometry.
  • Shocks: The shocks are among your UTV's most critical suspension components. They deliver the precise cushion amount you need on your ride.
  • Spring kits: Increase your ride height with spring kits while providing smoother, more comfortable performance on any terrain type.
  • Sway bars: A UTV sway bar improves handling around corners and turns by controlling the vehicle's weight transfer and body roll.
  • Trailing arms: The trailing arms connect your UTV's axle to the chassis, reducing friction and acting as cushions between suspension parts.

Benefits of Partnering With Fueled UTV

When you choose Fueled UTV for side by side suspension parts, our partnership goes far beyond the purchase. Our expert team consists of passionate enthusiasts with unparalleled UTV knowledge. We stand ready to help you find the most effective parts for your suspension needs, whether you're looking to increase ride height or provide more cushioning. Additional befits of working with us include:
  • Earning fueled cash through our rewards program.
  • Free delivery on most orders greater than $99.00.
  • An extensive inventory of UTV parts and accessories.

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