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When upgrading your offroad vehicle, UTV lighting is just as important as any other part. Outfitting your engine and exhaust system with high-performance parts is great, but if you need to ride during the evening or in challenging weather conditions, effective UTV lighting kits are a must.

At Fueled UTV, we carry hundreds lighting products. We feature lights and accessories from well-respected manufacturers in the sport, including XTC Power Products, Corbin Custom Works, Baja Designs, Diode Dynamics, and 5150 Whips. 

You'll find everything you need in our online inventory, whether you're looking for headlights, turn signal kits, lighted whips, mounting solutions, or any other lighting component.

Let’s get your UTV outfitted with the right lights!

UTV Light Kits

LED bulbs are the industry standard for most UTVs because they offer increased brightness while using less energy. LED lights come in a broad color range and are often made with ultra-dense plastic, making them much more durable than most conventional options. They’re also the easiest to install. Upgrading stock UTV headlights with a higher-performing option makes sense for most riding applications. Our online inventory offers an extensive headlight selection, including Polaris Turbo headlights from Heretic Studio, which deliver nearly double the output of many standard LED headlights. UTV lighting goes far beyond the front headlights. You can find many different products that elevate your vehicle’s safety, visibility, and appearance, including:
  • Auxiliary Lighting: Our auxiliary lighting includes dome lights, LED mirrors, rock lights, fang lights, floodlights, and much more.
  • Light Bars: Our light bars allow other drivers to identify you more easily, help you see longer distances, and promote accident prevention. They also boost your vehicle’s appearance and style.
  • Lighted Whips: Each lighted whip sets your UTV apart from other vehicles on the road. Color-changing whips produce unique lights in the evening, making it easier for other riders to spot your machine.
  • Mounts: We offer mount designs from various manufacturers to hold all your lighting in place.
  • Switches: Our light switches let you quickly and easily control your UTV’s lighting features from your fingertips.
  • Taillights: As one of the most critical UTV safety features, taillights allow traffic behind you to see your movements at night and in bad weather.
  • Turn Signal Kits: Many of our turn signal kits offer plug-and-play installation while fitting into your factory wiring harness without cutting or splicing.

Where is The Best Place To Mount UTV Lights?

Once you have your UTV mounts, where do you put them?  Your vehicle’s front bumper is a common—and probably the best place—to mount your UTV lighting. Mounting them here ensures that you get the most illumination on the path ahead when riding in the evenings, at night, and during clouded weather. Placing your UTV lighting on the front bumper also ensures that no obstructions are blocking your light source. This also reduces the chances of glare caused from your lighting. 

When Should You Use Whip UTV Lighting?

Lighted whips provide higher visibility than traditional flags, making it easier to identify other riders.  While some areas may mandate that you have safety flagging on your UTV, it is recommended that you use whip lights at all times when visibility is low to keep you, other riders, and people not riding UTVs safe while out on the trails or dunes. Here are some popular Fueled UTV whip lighting options:

At Fueled UTV, we offer a variety of lighted whips so you can choose the ones that best suit your UTV’s look. Safety doesn’t have to mean sacrificing looks. 

What Is The Difference Between Auxiliary Lights and Headlights?

UTV headlights are the primary source of illumination for your UTV and are located on the front of your vehicle. These are essential lights and ensure you can see the obstacles in front of you during evening and night rides. You must have a functioning set of headlights on your UTV at all times.  Auxiliary lights are supplemental UTV lighting options that you can mount on different parts of your vehicle. These places include the roll cage, bumpers, or sides. They can come in various shapes and sizes and are meant to augment the main headlights.  If you’re riding in challenging terrains and harsher weather conditions, auxiliary lights will make sure you have all the visibility you need for a safe ride. 

How To Choose The Right UTV Lighting

You have to make sure that the lighting you’re picking out for your UTV does more than just look good. Here are some other things to consider:
  • Durability
  • Brightness
  • UTV compatibility 
  • Ease of installation
  • Price

Checking off this list will ensure you get the best lighting for your UTV. If you need assistance with picking out the right lights for your vehicle, the experts at Fueled UTV can give you a hand.

Trusting Fueled UTV for Your UTV Off Road Lights

At Fueled UTV, we supply you with the most superior UTV lighting solutions at the industry’s most competitive prices. Our expert team will help you choose the ideal product to meet your performance goals, as well as your budget.  Our professionals are not your typical parts salesman—many of them are passionate enthusiasts, so you know you’re getting recommendations that you can trust. Here are some additional benefits you’ll experience when working with us include:
  • Free delivery for most parts orders greater than $250.
  • Access to one of the most extensive UTV parts inventories on the market.
  • Fueled cash to apply towards future purchases.
  • A Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Shop Lighting Products at Fueled UTV Today

UTV off road lights don’t just help keep you safe; if you shop at the right place, they can look good, too. If you’re ready to equip your UTV with the right lighting, look no further than Fueled UTV for any type of UTV lights you could ever dream of. Check out our vast online selection of UTV lighting products and place an order today for quick delivery. Contact us online to request additional product information or assistance.