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A UTV's body and frame provides support and structure for the entire vehicle. The body should be durable to withstand the wear and tear of various terrains. High-performance body parts are essential for protecting and bulletproofing your vehicle so you can tackle the toughest of terrains with peace of mind.

At Fueled UTV, you can find an extensive selection of body parts made from the highest-quality materials. Whether you want to repair a body component, change the appearance, or upgrade your armor and protection, we have the products you need. We feature some of the industry's most recognized brands, including SuperATV, HMF, Moto Armor, SDR, and Polaris.

Side by Side Body Parts

Depending on where and how often you drive your side by side, your vehicle can benefit from different parts. A UTV built for performance may need an aftermarket roll cage, doors, and some new grills and mirrors. On the other hand, a UTV built for the trails or around the farm will likely need bumpers, racks, skid plates, and tree kickers ensuring the ultimate protection and performance. 

Some examples of the parts we carry are:

  • Body armor: Our body armor components provide the ultimate protection while riding, allowing you to focus on the road with peace of mind.
  • Bumpers: UTV bumpers can enhance your vehicle's look while providing the highest protection levels. We offer both winch-ready and standard bumpers for most machines.
  • Cages: An aftermarket roll cage is an essential accessory for keeping you and your passengers safe during your ride.
  • Doors: UTV doors are among the most popular accessories because they showcase your style and enhance your UTV's appearance while offering extra safety. 
  • Grills: We supply high-quality grills that improve the appearance without sacrificing airflow to the vehicle's radiator.
  • Mirrors: While most UTVs don't have side or rearview mirrors when they leave the factory floor, they're critical components for seeing your surroundings, and are requirements for street-legalization. 
  • Racks: Whether you're working on a farm or taking a leisurely drive through the mountains, racks are vital for carrying your essential tools and supplies. 
  • Rock sliders: Our rock sliders and tree kickers prevent tangling with other UTVs while protecting your wheels and door bottoms on the trail.
  • Roofs: Our UTV roofs will not break or dent when contending with branches or overhead obstacles, and will protect you from the elements.
  • Skid plates: A UTV skid plate is the cover underneath your vehicle. It typically connects to your bottom frame rail to protect your motor, transfer case, fuel tank, battery and front differential.

Trust Fueled UTV for Your Vehicle's Body Parts Needs

When you buy body parts for your side by side at Fueled UTV, you're receiving superior components from trusted manufacturers. Our expert team is here to help you decide which parts are best for your vehicle or application. Our goal is to provide world-class UTV body parts at the most competitive prices.

When working with us, you'll experience:

  • Access to one of the most extensive UTV parts inventories in the industry.
  • Free shipping on most orders over $99.00.
  • Earning fueled cash to put towards future purchases.

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