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Cleaning Supplies


While riding your UTV is probably your favorite part of the experience, cleaning it is essential. You will want to maintain the color and shine, remove dirt and keep your UTV in good shape. We have all the right products to make it easy to clean your UTV, with everything from clear coat sprays to degreasers, towels and other cleansers.

UTV Cleaning Supply Options

Our extensive inventory of UTV cleaning products includes:
  • Maxima High Gloss Clear Coat Spray: This high-gloss coating from Maxima adds shine to surfaces like vinyl, plastic and carbon fiber. You can use it on gloss, plastic or matte finishes in different areas of your UTV, such as your fenders or wheel wells.
  • Slick Products Off-Road Wash and Foam Gun: This off-road wash and foam gun bundle will help you remove mud and dirt from your UTV. It's safe to use on metal or paint and will not strip lubrication or dry bearings. The combination will restore your UTV's surface and reduces the amount of mud that will stick.
  • Slick Products Cleaner and Degreaser: These noncorrosive products will break down grease and grime and work on several surfaces, such as rubber, plastic and metal.
  • Slick Products Microfiber Towel: The Slick Products Microfiber Towel will clean dust and dirt. It is plush and has high absorbency, allowing you to use it for drying, cleaning or buffing.
  • Maxima BioWash: This is a 100% biodegradable cleaner with fast-acting cleaning agents that help clear dirt, grime and oil. You can use it on everything from paint to chrome and rubber.
  • Slick Products Off-Road Refill Bundle: Get everything you need in one convenient bundle — off-road wash concentrate, cleaner and degreaser and shine and UTV body protectant.
  • Maxima Speed Wax: The Maxima Speed Wax is an all-in-one detailer that cleans and shines several surfaces, including chrome, plastic and windscreens. The wax is easy to use and sets up quickly on any finish.

Advantages of UTV Cleaning Products From Fueled UTV

We stock some of the best UTV cleaning supplies in the industry. Our selection offers multiple benefits, including:
  • Advanced protection: While cleaning is one aspect of daily UTV maintenance, you'll also want products that help you protect the paint and shine long-term. Our inventory has several options to protect your UTV against dirt and grime.
  • Enhanced appearance: On the same note, you want cleaning products to help increase or restore your UTV's surfaces to their original glory. Cleaners in our inventory help you do that.

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Our team is full of industry experts who are also powersport enthusiasts. They know better than most what you need and why you need it. They can recommend products from our selection of parts, accessories, gear and tires, making us your one-stop shop for UTV products. Fueled UTV can offer free shipping on almost all orders over $99, and we also have the Fueled Cash rewards program you can use for future purchases. Shop our UTV cleaning supply inventory today, or get in touch to learn more!