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Engine Performance


While some stock UTVs feature suitable motors for nearly any application, many side by sides can benefit from improved engine performance. There’s no substitute for raw power, whether you’re coasting over dunes, racing through the desert or tearing up a mountain trail. One of the best ways to increase your UTV's power is by turbocharging its engine.

At Fueled UTV, we offer an extensive range of turbos and other components critical to your engine's performance, whether you're installing a turbocharger for the first time or looking for a replacement part. Our inventory features products from top industry brands like Aftermarket Assassins, Trinity Racing, Evolution Powersports and Dynojet. Our experienced team is available to help you choose the optimal UTV engine parts.

Side by Side Engine Parts

Turbocharging allows smaller motors to produce higher power levels, enabling your motor to work less. Mud and sand riding can significantly benefit from increased torque and horsepower, as these conditions put the highest pressure on your engine. Running aggressive mud tires or paddle tires in these conditions can also rob power from your motor. Some of the engine performance parts we supply include:
  • Turbo: UTV turbochargers increase your engine's power output and efficiency by forcing additional compressed air into the combustion chamber. The pressurized air enters the chamber as the piston makes a downward stroke. It then proceeds through the turbocharger and spins the compressor wheel and turbines.
  • Blow off valve: A blow off valve protects your turbocharger against damage while ensuring drivability and smooth performance. Choosing the best valve often depends on how much boost you'll be running and the space available for installation.
  • Charge tubes: A charge tube improves engine performance by decreasing the turbocharged air pressure loss and increasing airflow from the turbo to the intercooler.
  • Intake tubes: Our intake tubes increase horsepower and torque by maximizing the amount of airflow in your turbocharger.
  • Tuners: Our performance tuners can provide you with the tune you need to optimize power, speed or fuel efficiency.
  Fueled UTV offers some of the highest-performing turbo kit upgrades available. If you are looking for true bolt-on power, you've come to the right place. Many of our kits include all the components you need for installation.

Benefits of Partnering With Fueled UTV for Engine Performance Parts

At Fueled UTV, our mission is to provide you with the highest quality parts at the most competitive prices, backed by world-class customer service. When you partner with us, our relationship goes far beyond the sale. Our team goes the extra mile in helping you find the perfect component to optimize your ride. Additional advantages of working with us include:
  • Access to one of the most comprehensive UTV parts inventories.
  • Using our loyalty program to collect fueled cash.
  • Earning free delivery for most orders over $99.00.

Find Engine Parts for Your Side by Side at Fueled UTV

Our extensive selection of engine parts is just as diverse as the UTVs they fit. Explore our online inventory today to find the part you need for your riding application. Contact us with any questions or to request additional information.