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UTV Beadlock Wheels


UTV Beadlock wheels contain locking rings that bolt to the wheel, creating a secure connection between it and the tire's bead. The primary purpose of Beadlocks is to allow a side by side to run with lower tire pressures, ensuring that the tire bead stays locked in place to prevent separation under a sideload. Another more common benefit is that a Beadlock wheel allows a rider to travel with a flat, as the tire cannot separate from the rim.

Though there are many functional advantages, some UTV enthusiasts prefer Beadlock tires because of their sleek and rugged look.  Regardless of your reasoning for purchasing a set of Beadlocks, Fueled UTV is the single source for all your needs. We carry wheels from some of the industry's most trusted brands, including Method, System 3, KMC, Metal FX, Fuel, and many more.

Beadlock Side by Side Wheel Benefits

Some of the most significant advantages of running Beadlock wheels on your UTV include:

  • You can ride with a flat tire: The most crucial benefit of equipping your UTV with a Beadlock wheel is the ability to operate your vehicle with a flat tire. Beadlocks keep the tire connected in the event of a puncture or other damage.
  • You can air down: When running on snow, sand, and other challenging terrains, it's often helpful to operate your UTV with lower-than-usual air pressure. Beadlock wheels allow you to air down significantly whenever needed, maintaining pressure throughout the ride.
  • They can handle the most demanding conditions: Beadlock wheels are structurally stronger than most other wheel types, allowing your wheels to endure much more abuse when beating against rocks and other harsh surfaces.

Essential Components of Side by Side Beadlock Wheels

The following are the elements of Beadlock wheels that make them so uniquely functional

  • Outer Beadlock ring: This is the outer clamp that secures the tire's outer bead to the wheel.
  • Inner safety bead: This prevent's the tire's bead bundle from slipping inward on the wheel.
  • Beadlock ring Bolts: These bolts clamp down the beadlock ring onto the wheel, sandwiching the bead of the tire.
  • Valve stem: The valve stem is the port that takes air into the tire and prevents it from escaping.

Advantages of Partnering With Fueled UTV for Beadlock Wheels

Your relationship goes far beyond the initial sale when you partner with Fueled UTV for your ride's needs, including Beadlock wheels. Our goal is to provide you with the highest-quality UTV supplies and parts at the most competitive prices, all backed by superior service. Some of our strengths that set us apart from the competition include:

  • Team members who are also passionate UTV enthusiasts.
  • Having access to one of the most extensive parts inventories in the industry.
  • Earning free shipping for orders over $99.00.
  • Collecting fueled cash from our rewards program.

Purchase Side by Side Beadlock Wheels From Fueled UTV Today

Feel free to search our vast inventory of Beadlock wheels and place your order today for quick delivery. Our selection features the industry's top brands in various styles, sizes and colors. If you're still unsure whether Beadlock wheels are for you, contact our team today to learn more about their applications and benefits.