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Choosing the right set of side-by-side tires can be a tough task, especially if you're relatively new to the UTV game. While the tire model and brand are vital in the selection process, knowing your tire's primary application is even more critical.

At Fueled UTV, we understand the importance of choosing the right tire for the type of terrain you want to tackle, and we have everything you need to hit the road. Need some assistance in choosing the right tires for your ride? Take a look at our Guide to UTV Tires to get started on picking the best set for your needs.

UTV Tires We Offer

Fueled UTV has a complete selection of SxS tires for all types of vehicles and riding styles, whether you ride the trail, track, or pavement. We offer an extensive inventory of models and brands from some of the industry’s top names, including System 3, BF Goodrich, Maxxis, ITP, and many more, to equip you for anything from mud to sand to asphalt.  

UTV Mud Tires

Engineered for the wildest off-road adventures, these rugged tires feature aggressive treads designed to power through the mud with relentless traction. Dive into the muck and emerge victorious as the deep, self-cleaning grooves propel you forward, leaving no challenge unmet. Lugs can run as deep as 2 inches on some UTV mud tires. Manufacturers often group their side-by-side mud tires into light, medium, and heavy mud categories. Some UTV tires have a deeper and narrower profile to allow clearance in the thickest ruts and pits.  

UTV Sand Tires

Feel the freedom as our sand tires effortlessly propel your UTV across the soft, shifting sands. Designed for maximum flotation and traction, our sand tires ensure you leave an indelible mark on the dunes.  UTV sand tire sets are unique because the rear tires are usually different than the front. The rear tires are often wider and lighter in weight to float across the terrain. They also typically have a paddle that is designed to grab the sand for traction and propel the UTV forward.  Front sand tires can come in ribbed, completely smooth, or spiked designs to fit the driver’s preferred riding style.  

UTV All-Terrain Tires 

Our all-terrain tires redefine off-road performance, boasting robust lugs up to 1 inch deep to conquer logs, rocks, and challenging terrains with unmatched grip. Feel the thrill as you navigate through light snow, sand, and mud, fueled by the superior traction our tires provide. The spaces between the lugs allow for self-cleaning and prevent rocks, sticks, and other objects from becoming wedged in the tread. Manufacturers sell most of their UTVs with all-terrain tires because they can handle many of the demands of the typical enthusiast.  

Hard-Pack UTV Tires

Hard-pack tires are similar to general-purpose (or all-terrain) tires, but they’re made for heavy-duty use. These types of UTV tires are among the most durable on the market. Because of their durability and toughness, many top race teams prefer these designs when racing on hard surfaces.  

Spare SxS Tires and Accessories

Never let a flat tire derail your adventure. Our Spare SxS Tires are crafted for reliability, ensuring you have a backup when the unexpected happens. Whether you encounter a puncture on rocky terrain or a sharp object on the trail, having a spare tire at your disposal guarantees minimal downtime and keeps your journey on track.  

Tire Mounts and Carriers

Elevate your convenience with our side-by-side tire mounts and carriers designed to secure your spare tires. These accessories offer a hassle-free way to carry an extra tire, providing easy access when needed while maintaining the sleek and functional aesthetics of your side-by-side.  

Side by Side Tire Repair Kits

Keep the adventure going with our tire repair kits, equipped with everything you need to address minor tire issues on the go. From punctures to small tears, these kits are your quick-fix solution, ensuring that you can get back out there in no time.  

Make the Perfect Match

A solid tire needs a solid wheel. Our UTV tires and wheels are perfectly matched for durability, performance, and style.  

Beadlock Wheels

Beadlock wheels redefine performance by incorporating locking rings that securely bolt to the wheel, establishing a steadfast connection with the tire's bead. The primary mission of Beadlocks is to empower side-by-side enthusiasts to run with lower tire pressures, guaranteeing that the tire bead remains firmly locked to prevent separation under sideload conditions.  Beyond this fundamental advantage, beadlock wheels offer a more widespread benefit — providing riders with the assurance of traveling even with a flat tire, as the tire cannot detach from the rim.  

Non-Beadlock Wheels

Unlike beadlock wheels, non-beadlock wheels feature a traditional construction without locking rings. While they may not provide the same capability for running at lower tire pressures, they remain a popular choice for UTV enthusiasts seeking simplicity and ease of use. Non-beadlock wheels excel in various terrains and are well-suited for riders who prioritize straightforward functionality. Their design ensures a secure connection between the tire and the wheel, maintaining stability during your off-road excursions.  Whether you're navigating rocky trails or cruising through open landscapes, non-beadlock wheels deliver a dependable performance that allows you to focus on the thrill of the ride.  

Why Get Your UTV Tires From Fueled UTV?

When you choose Fueled UTV for all your vehicle’s needs, you’re not just working with an ordinary parts supplier. We offer many unique advantages that other retailers don’t, including:

  • A staff of experts who are enthusiasts themselves.
  • One of the most extensive inventories on the market.
  • 45-day refund and return policy for peace of mind.
  • Free shipping for most orders over $99.00.
  • The chance to earn fueled cash with each purchase as part of our rewards program.

  Explore our comprehensive selection of side-by-side tires today. Contact us online or call us at 509-406-7192 with any questions or to request additional information. Your next adventure starts at Fueled UTV.  

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