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UTV Batteries For All Vehicles


You can have the most tricked-out off-roading vehicle, but without a quality UTV battery, you won’t get the most out of it. 

Don’t miss out on any power your off-road vehicle has to offer! We have a wide selection of UTV batteries that are designed to help your vehicle perform at its best and tackle the toughest terrains without losing steam.


Our Best Selling UTV Batteries

Need some guidance on picking out the best side by side battery? Take a look at our best sellers and why they’re popular among UTV enthusiasts:

If you have any questions about our batteries, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our experienced staff can help narrow down your options even further.

Side by Side Batteries From Brands You Trust 

We have only the best UTV batteries available, all made to fit UTVs from manufacturers that have become household names. At Fueled UTV, you’ll find everything from Polaris batteries to CAN AM batteries, as well as batteries made for UTVs manufactured by: 

  • Honda

  • Kawasaki

  • Yamaha

  • Arctic Cat

  • CFMoto

  • Bobcat

  • John Deere


  • Kubota

  • Segway

Give your UTV the boost it needs to tackle the trails with a proper side by side battery.

The Different Types of Side by Side Batteries

When shopping for the best UTV battery for your vehicle, it’s important to know about the different types from which you can choose:

  • Lead Acid Batteries: These are the most common type of UTV battery and are often referred to as conventional batteries. The cells in these batteries are separated by lead plates immersed in an acidic solution, making them affordable and long-lasting.

  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries: One of the most common types of side by side batteries you’ll find at Fueled UTV is AGM. These batteries, such as the Full Throttle FT560L, are also called maintenance-free batteries because they are sealed and don’t require periodic addition of water. 

AGM batteries won’t spill when tipped over, making them safer and more durable.

  • Lithium Batteries: A lithium side by side battery like the Moose Utility Lithium Ion Battery is sealed by the manufacturer and comes ready to install. They don’t contain acid, making them lighter and smaller.

We mostly carry AGM and lithium batteries to ensure a safe and reliable UTV experience. 

How Do You Pick a UTV Battery?

While any of our batteries will guarantee a powerful ride, there are some tips you can follow when choosing the right power source for your ride. 

One of the most important things to look for when shopping for side by side batteries is the cold cranking amps (CCA) ratings. This number indicates how well your battery will start the engine in cold weather. The higher the number, the more power your battery has. 

You’ll also want to make sure the battery you choose is compatible with your vehicle. 

Something else to remember is that you should charge your battery before heading out on your next adventure. Charging your battery is the best way to keep your UTV from losing power while on the trails. High-quality batteries like the Full Throttle FT410L are less likely to lose power, but you always want to take precautions just in case.

When To Replace UTV Batteries

One of the most common questions every rider has asked themselves at one point or another is when should you replace your UTV battery?

Like most parts on your ride, there are telling signs that can signal when it’s time to swap out your battery. The most common ones are: 

When It’s Harder to Start Your UTV in Cold Weather

Your UTV battery needs to work harder to drive power to your vehicle in cold weather. If you find that it’s getting harder to start your UTV, it’s time to upgrade your battery. 

If You Notice Cracks or Other Damage on Your UTV Battery’s Casing

The casing is what keeps battery acid contained (at least in conventional batteries). When you begin to see cracks in the casing, you’re more prone to acid leaks, which can pose a significant hazard to you and your vehicle. 

It’s best to replace your battery immediately once cracks begin to form. To avoid acid leaks in the future, consider switching to a lithium battery like the Antigravity ATZ7 RE-START.

If Your Side by Side Battery is More Than Four Years Old

The lifespan of your UTV battery will depend on how often you drive your vehicle and how well you maintain it. However, a good rule of thumb is to replace your battery every four years.

The Perks of Buying Your UTV Batteries From Fueled UTV

You want more than just a UTV battery; great customer support, product reliability, and additional rewards are what separate us from the rest.

Our categorized online inventory makes finding the right UTV battery for your vehicle easier, along with additional benefits like:

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Quality UTV Batteries From a Team You Can Trust

Shop our extensive selection of UTV batteries and place your order today for fast delivery. 

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Apart from being a team of the most dedicated UTV enthusiasts, we’re among the industry’s most knowledgeable and technically sound suppliers and can assist you in finding the perfect side by side battery for your vehicle.