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Tires & Wheels

The right UTV tires and wheels can be the difference between a smooth or rough ride.

When it comes to choosing the perfect combination, it’s important to invest in high-quality options, because without a good wheel, a good tire doesn’t matter, and vice versa.

At Fueled UTV, we carry only the best wheels and tires that will help you get the most from your off-road travels.

Our UTV Wheels And Tires Selection

We carry a wide selection of UTV wheels and tires that will turn your ride into a powerhouse. At Fueled UTV, you can choose from two wheel types:

  • Beadlock WheelsBeadlock wheels allow you to ride with lower tire pressures and keep tires from detaching if you happen to have a flat.
  • Non-Beadlock WheelsThese wheels are best if you want simplicity and you’re looking to hit the trails as quickly as possible. While they don’t feature locking rings, they still provide excellent stability for off-roading needs.

  After you’ve settled on your wheels, you’ll be treated to our wide selection of tires that cover all terrain types.

  • Mud Tires: These rugged tires feature aggressive treads perfect for mudding and other intense off-road conditions.
  • Sand Tires: UTV sand tires are designed to help your vehicle “float” across shifting sand terrain. Most sets of sand tires feature wider, lighter rear tires and feature a paddle design for better traction.
  • All-Terrain Tires: As the name suggests, these tires are versatile and perfect for light snow, sand, mud, and rocky terrains.
  • Hard Pack Tires: These tires are similar to all-terrain tires but are more durable and intended for heavy-duty use.


Accessories For Your UTV Tires And Wheels

Like any other vehicle, your UTV needs to be properly maintained if you want to get the most from your ride. At Fueled UTV, we have all the tire and wheel accessories you need to work on your UTV, including:

  Spend more time on the trails, and less time in the garage. Make sure you stock up on everything you need to tackle repairs and maintenance. Get your arsenal started with this essential ARB Speedy Seal Puncture Repair Kit.  

Pairing UTV Wheels And Tires

Getting the perfect performance from your UTV takes more than just picking the wheel and tire that looks the best; they have to be compatible. Most Fueled UTV wheels and tires are a great match, but certain combinations will give you an edge. Our experts are passionate about everything UTV and can help you find the right pair, but we also have a few recommendations to get the wheels turning.  

UTV Tires To Pair With Non-Beadlock Wheels

Less intense — but still demanding — adventures on sand or dirt trails can be traversed with the use of non-beadlock wheels and the right set of tires. This design still ensures a secure connection between the tire and wheel, so your stability will not be impacted and you’ll be able to enjoy your ride. Here are some of the best tires you can pair with our non-beadlock UTV wheels:

  Make your decision easier by going with one of our UTV tire and wheel sets like the Method 409 Bead Grip Matte Black+Tensor DS 32.  

UTV Tires To Pair With Beadlock Wheels

Beadlock wheels provide more than just a clean look for your UTV. Instead of using air pressure to lock the tire’s bead to the wheel, they use a bolt-on ring to hold the bead. This makes them best for use with aggressive tread tires, especially if you’re going on more intense rock-crawling adventures. The lower tire pressure helps you get better traction, while the beadlock wheels keep you from getting lodged between two rocks. A few recommended tires to pair with Fueled UTV beadlock wheels:

  If you want to get on the trails sooner, you can also save time by buying one of our recommended sets like the Polaris Pro Armor Crawler XG Wheel & Tire Set.  

Spare UTV Tire Mounts & Carriers

Keeping spare UTV wheels and tires on your ride ensures that you’re not left stranded in the event of flat or other detrimental damage to your current set. Our tire mounts and carriers are sleek and reliable so they don’t interfere with your ride’s functionality or aesthetics. You can choose from various options, from Receiver Hitches to Dual Clamp Spare Tire Mounts and High Spare Tire Carriers. If you’re looking for affordable spare UTV tires, check out the BRP Commander XPS Swamp Force Tire.  

UTV Track Systems

Some adventures require more than traditional UTV tires and wheels. Fueled UTV is proud to offer reliable track systems that can get you through the toughest snowy terrains. Whether you’re climbing over uneven terrain or making your way to the top of the mountain in the dead of winter, these track systems allow you to essentially go everywhere. UTV track systems can be installed for nearly any side-by-side. We offer mounting kits that work with most machines and most suspension setups.  

Get Your Dream UTV Wheels And Tires From Fueled UTV

If you’re ready to take on the outdoors with confidence, let Fueled UTV get you set up with the right wheels and tires for your vehicle. Our UTV experts — and enthusiasts — can help you put together the perfect combination of wheels and tires for your needs. Additionally, you’ll get free shipping on most orders over $250 and get the chance to earn fueled cash with every purchase so that you’re ready for your next upgrade. Get in touch online or at 509-406-7192 today if you have any questions about our products. All unused orders with the manufacturer’s original packaging come with a 45-day refund and return guarantee. *Double-check the description of each wheel/tire to ensure it fits your brand and model of UTV vehicle before purchasing.