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UTV Winches


Whether you're traversing muddy paths, navigating rocky terrain, or encountering unexpected obstacles, a UTV winch can be your lifeline when traction alone isn't enough.

Our UTV winches are designed to handle the rugged demands of off-road adventures.

We offer a range of high-quality winches for side by side vehicle brands like Polaris, Honda, John Deere, Can-Am, Yamaha, Kunota, and more.

How to Choose the Right UTV Winch

Sometimes, choosing the right UTV products is more than just what looks the best. There are several factors that come into play when selecting the best winch for your side by side: 

  • Pulling Capacity: Before buying a side by side winch, you need to determine your UTV’s weight and that of any potential loads you may need to pull. Choose a winch with a pulling capacity that exceeds your vehicle's weight to handle unexpected situations.

  • Line Type and Length: Synthetic rope or steel cable? The choice depends on your preference and specific needs. Synthetic rope is lightweight and easier to handle, while steel cable offers durability under harsh conditions. Ensure the length is sufficient for your typical off-road terrain.

  • Power Source: Most UTV winches are powered by the vehicle's battery. Verify that your battery can handle the additional load and consider upgrading if necessary for optimal performance.

  • Mounting Compatibility: Check if the winch is compatible with your UTV model and consider additional mounting accessories if required for proper installation.

  • Weather Resistance: Choose a winch that is weather-resistant and built to withstand exposure to water, mud, and debris.

Best-Selling UTV Winches

If you’re having a hard time deciding, check out some of our best-selling UTV winches!

  • SuperATV 4500 LB UTV/ATV Winch W/ Wireless Remote and Synthetic Rope: SuperATV's 4500 Lb. Black Ops Winch is a rugged ATV and UTV essential featuring a 50' synthetic rope, weather-proof seals, and a waterproof solenoid for reliable performance in harsh conditions.

    It includes automatic brakes, a wireless remote, and essential accessories like a dash-mounted toggle switch, pull strap, rope stopper, and hook kit, ensuring you're equipped for any off-road recovery.

  • SuperATV 6000 LB Winch W/ Wireless Remote and Synthetic Rope: SuperATV's 6000 LB Winch with Wireless Remote and Synthetic Rope is built to handle the toughest UTV challenges, from deep mud to massive boulders.

    It has a reliable water-resistant design and a 50' synthetic rope known for its flexibility and safety. With automatic brakes and dash-mounted and wireless controls, this winch ensures ease of operation in demanding off-road situations. The kit also provides waterproof wiring, a rope stopper, a pull strap, and a hook kit.

  • Warn Axon 55-S Powersport Winch: The Warn Axon 55-S 5,500 LB Synthetic Powersport Winch is designed for durability and high performance, perfect for handling tough UTV challenges.

    Featuring 50 feet of lightweight ¼” Spydura synthetic rope, an Epic Hawse fairlead, and a black hook, it offers easy handling and secure pulls. Its all-metal construction, satin black powder-coated finish, and stainless steel fasteners ensure durability and corrosion resistance.

Things To Know About a Side by Side Winch

You might have questions about whether buying a winch for your UTV is worth it or what you should look for in a quality winch. 

Check out some of the most common questions about UTV winches. 

What is a UTV winch? 

A UTV winch is a mechanical device mounted to a UTV that utilizes a spooled wire or synthetic rope to pull heavy loads. It is commonly used to recover vehicles stuck in mud, snow, or other obstacles encountered during off-road adventures.

Why do I need a winch for my side by side? 

A UTV winch provides a reliable means of self-recovery when your vehicle becomes stuck. It enhances your off-road capabilities by allowing you to navigate challenging terrain with confidence.

What pulling capacity do I need for my UTV? 

The pulling capacity should exceed the weight of your UTV. As a general guideline, choose a winch with a capacity of at least 1.5 times your vehicle's weight to handle unexpected loads or difficult recovery situations.

Synthetic rope or steel cable — which is better for a UTV winch? 

Both synthetic rope and steel cable have their advantages. Synthetic rope is lightweight, easier to handle, and safer if it breaks under tension. Steel cable, on the other hand, is more durable and resistant to abrasion. 

The choice depends on your preferences and specific off-road conditions.

How do I install a UTV winch? 

Installation procedures may vary depending on the UTV model and winch type. However, they typically involve mounting the winch to the UTV frame, connecting the power leads to the battery, and securing the winch line properly. 

For detailed installation guidelines, refer to the manufacturer's instructions or consider professional installation.

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We Have the Perfect Winch for Your Side by Side

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