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Aftermarket Assassins RZR RS1 Stage 1 Lock & Load Kit
SKU: AA-102-1007-TRAIL/AA-107-1021/AA-PV3-19-07/AA-108-1048-AO

Aftermarket Assassins RZR RS1 Stage 1 Lock & Load Kit

SKU: AA-102-1007-TRAIL/AA-107-1021/AA-PV3-19-07/AA-108-1048-AO
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Aftermarket Assassins RZR RS1 Stage 1 Lock & Load Kit

  • Lock and load your RZR RS1 and get ready for some serious kick! The RZR RS1 is a great machine, but Polaris left a ton of room for improvement on any year machine. This simple kit is the best way to wake up your RS1 as it comes with our proven ECU tunes which are loaded via the PV3 ECU tuner. The tunes add some amazing horsepower from low-end to high-end RPMs and really give your machine that "snap" you're looking for. The clutching compliment the tuning perfectly by better transferring the power to the wheels and ridding yourself of the very lazy factory clutching setup.
  • Fits 2018-Up RZR RS1 Models
  • Kit includes the AA custom-tuned PV3 tuner & the correct S3 clutch kit for your year
  • Big gains in performance from 8-9 HP
  • Big mid-range punch makes this kit feel like it gains even more than advertised
  • Tuner installs the tune in minutes and allows you to switch tunes or go back to stock at any time
  • Tuner can be mounted for gauges or removed after tuning
  • Tuner includes 1 tune with the base kit price. Other tunes can be added for $50 each
  • The Level 1 tune is a huge increase and is meant to be ran with the stock exhaust. This is seriously worth every penny! You are looking at a 6-7 RWHP gain with the tune and 8-9 RWHP when used with our S3 clutch kit. Peak power is excellent with this setup but the bottom end gained might be even better! Peak power is 8600-8800 RPM @ 55 MPH
  • The level 2 tune has all the same benefits as level 1, with increased fueling for a slip-on or full exhaust system. Together with a tune and exhaust, you can see 8-10 RWHP gains, and 2-3 more RWHP when used with our S3 clutch kit! Peak Power is 8600-8800 RPM @ 55 MPH
  • Either tune is available with a slightly hotter timing curve for 95 or higher octane fuel. This tune will increase horsepower another 2-3rwhp, and provide better bottom-end torque.
  • Looking for something custom tune-wise? Just send us an e-mail or call and we can most likely help you.
  • Wicked throttle response and quicker back shifts when in/out of the throttle
  • More consistent clutch performance
  • Adjustable clutch weights (magnetic adjustable) with a great setup guideline
  • We offer two clutch kits: Performance Helix & High Load Helix:
    • The Performance Angle 1031 is what 90% of users will want. It offers great power transfer to the wheels that will take off and keep pulling hard. Use this with tires 27" to 32" and you will adjust the weights to make up for different tire sizes.
    • The High Load Angle 1021 is for those using very large tires. The High Load helix is recommended for those turning 34" tires or 31-32" paddles. The High Load helix can be used with any tire size 29" and greater if you are just after belt life and performance is not your priority. The Performance angle can still be used with the larger tires and paddles if all-out performance is what you are after, just keep in mind belt life will be less than with our High Load setup.
  • For even more information on the products listed in this kit, see their individual product listings.
  • We also highly suggest our Revolver Billet Clutch Cover with Tower Lock to increase primary clutch strength and cooling.
  • Primary and Secondary clutch in need of a rebuild? Check out our RZR Turbo Extreme HD Clutch Rebuild Kit.
  • Part Number: 113-1008-1

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RZR RS1 Stage 1 Lock & Load Kit
Aftermarket Assassins

Aftermarket Assassins RZR RS1 Stage 1 Lock & Load Kit

From $950.00

Aftermarket Assassins RZR RS1 Stage 1 Lock & Load Kit

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  • High Load Angle 1021
  • Performance Angle 1031

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  • High/Race Engagement

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